Below you will find my prices. However, only commercial services and weddings do I “charge.” Here’s what I mean by that: these are my prices, but I truly want you to only pay what you can, if you can.

I hate that we live in a world where some aren’t afforded certain luxuries because they simply don’t make enough. Take a single mother, for example, who works two jobs so their kids have food and can go to soccer. Why is someone like that less deserving? So my whole model is built around just doing it, and if you choose to pay, no matter how much, it’s your own decision. It can even be $20 here and there. My equipment is in no way cheap. Time away from my daughter is the most expensive thing. These all have value to me. But people also have great value to me. So if you can and would like to, you can “donate.”

Please note that I don’t just take on every client. I like good people. I don’t want anyone to come to me because I’m free, but rather because they like my photography and videos. I also don’t want you to come to me because my prices beat a photographer you prefer. Go to who you prefer.

Trust me when is say I have a family to support and equipment to pay for, but so does everyone else and I understand as well as anyone that just because you can’t afford it today, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it. Kids grow up very quickly, and I don’t want anyone to regret those important moments.


$75 - $150

Whether you need one for work, school, social profiles or because you’re an artist, I think having a professional headshot is very important. It helps you stand out from the selfie world we live in, plus it helps project you in a way that is unique to you. If you need one traditional corporate photo or if you want a few with different looks for various outlets, it’s a great way to present yourself professionally and confidently. When we are finished, we can look through the images together and you can personally choose what you want. Depending on how many you want carefully edited is what determines the price, so you won’t be surprised. Additional request such as full body and cutout photos is possible as well, which we can discuss. You can either come to me or I can pack up and take the shoot to you. Location shooting for headshots is great for businesses who need to shoot various staff members. They can come and go and minimize time away from their work. I can volume discount for groups, so contact me today to get your headshots updated.


$200 per session

I think it’s one of the most important decisions people can make each year. Or multiple times within the year. Everything seems to happen within a blink of an eye, and it’s not uncommon for me to hear people say they wish this and they wish that with getting photos taken. Don’t do that. Never do that. Let me help you find the shot that you’ll want to make your background on your computer, you’ll want to share on Facebook or even get printed for your wall at home.

Senior Pictures

$300 (single day) / $400 (two day)

Senior pictures is a big time in many high school students’ lives. Unlike traditional school day photos, these are much more creative and tailored to the person. It’s about them and only them. My aim with all photography is to capture the person as they are. I’m not a fan of telling someone what to do as much as I am helping them find who they are naturally. I don’t rush things. I’d like to say you get x-number of hours with me, but I care too much about my passion to say it’ll take a certain amount of time.


$1500 - stills OR video, but no promise of both due to dynamics of each

When deciding on footage for your big day, I highly recommend video and stills. While it's not impossible, it can be very difficult with a degree of sacrifice having a single photographer do both. That would need to be discussed and planned in advance. I'd like to say I can do this no problem, but it depends on various factors that an be discussed. Offering both would increase the price some, but if it's something you are considering, let's talk about it. I can find a second, highly experienced shooter if needed, so that’s also something we can talk about. Video turnaround is typically 2-3 months.

Commercial & Aerial

Price varies

While working with people is my absolute favorite thing to do, I also have a lot of experience doing commercial photography and video that is often less people oriented and/or more scripted. This could be headshots, commercials, products, events or aerial photography.

I have the ability to bring a studio to you, in a sense. It could be like those school day picture days, but for your staff. It could be an easy revolving door to get dozens of headshots in a relatively short time. I can quote you a price to make it affordable, and hopefully a value that will make you not want to wait years to update like many seem to do now.

I am licensed to operate a drone commercially in the United States, and I also have the required written authorization to operate within 5 miles of Hutchinson Airport. A lot of people don’t realize that extends to half of South Hutchinson. Some may also not realize that hiring an airman without an FAA certificate to operate an aircraft is against the law. It’s punishable by up to three years in prison and a fine for both the operator and the hiring agent.

Anything else


I'm a photographer who shoots motion and stills. There is very little photography that I feel I cannot do, and there are so many photographic events in someone's life that I feel is very important. It can be a baseball game, first day of school, yearly school pictures or even candid of grandma because you want to document and capture her as you remember her for generations to come. This is a huge passion of mine. Contact me to get an idea of what it will cost and let's work together on your unique photography needs. Even if you think it's a silly idea, it's worth exploring the possibilities.

I only charge because I can’t seem to figure out how to pay my bills without money. I love what I do. But I do prefer a 20% down payment for weddings. Those dates are a little less flexible.