Nick Hemphill


Welcome! If you're in need of a photographer or videographer, you're in the right place. I offer a variety of services including portraits, video, candid shots, and audio recording. I believe in finding the right fit for each client, ensuring a genuine and personalized experience. Whether it's senior portraits, aerial photography, commercial projects, weddings, or sports, I aim to provide comprehensive photography and video services. Let's capture authentic moments together, telling your unique story through expressive imagery.

About Me

I grew up in Nickerson, KS, but Hutchinson has been my home most of my adult life. My photography journey began in the days of film, where every shot counted, teaching me the importance of mastering equipment and collaborating closely with subjects. While I cherish the anticipation of film, digital photography offers unparalleled creative freedom and ease in working with clients to achieve their vision. I enjoy capturing moments across various genres without specializing in one, valuing the ability to evoke pride in my clients through my work, whether it's a landscape, aerial shot, or portrait.

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