I offer personal or commercial photography and video services primarily in the Hutchinson and Wichita, Kansas areas. Areas of greater travel may require covering travel expenses.

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Prices vary

FAA certificated for commercial "drone" operations.

Needing commercial aerial photography or video for your business? You have a lot of options, and don't make the mistake of hiring a remote pilot who doesn't carry a current FAA certificate. You can be just as liable as the operator. Whatever your needs, please contact me to see what I can do for you.

Prices vary based on need. So let me know what you want and we can go from there.


Commercial Photo/Video

Prices vary

Needing photo or video for your business? Wanting to showcase a new product, discuss your services or even more? Whether it's a real estate shoot, showing off your business or an interview style informational video, quality media can send a message to potential clients. Whatever your needs, please contact me to see what I can do for you.

I operate on an hourly or half-day or full-day rate. So let me know what you want and we can go from there. Often the easiest way is setting a budget and we can aim to stay within that.



Starting at $75

$10 per each additional photo chosen.

Whether you need one for work, school, social profiles or because you're an artist, having a professional headshot sends a message. It helps you stand out from the selfie world we live in, plus it helps present you in a way that is unique to you. After we finish shooting, you will get to go through the photos and choose the one(s) you want. If you're needing a full body or even cut out from the background, that service is also available, so be sure to mention that before your session.

I pride myself on being available as much as possible. I can often go to you or you can come to me to get them done. If you're a business needing multiple headshots, consider doing an on-site session so that downtime for your staff is minimal and convenient for all of you.



Starting at $200 (single family)

One of the most important things someone can do as a family is have photos taken. It can be just a simple shoot with a cell phone by a friend. The important thing is you do it, and you do it at least once a year. Just make sure you let someone else be your photographer so that you all can be present and available. Dad, take pictures of mom. Mom, take pictures of dad. And for single parents, please make sure you're in just as many pictures as well. This is for you now, but it's for your family for much longer. Even consider getting individual shots of you. Let a photographer make a shoot entirely about you.

Additional Families (same session)

$100 each

More families means more work and time. This allows you to get a discount on your shoot by splitting the cost with others. For example, 4 family shoot would be $500, which equates to $125 each. Even at 2, it'd be $150 each on average.

real estate

Real Estate

Starts at $150 for photos, $250 for video or $350 for both

Real estate photography and/or video can leave a strong first impression. One that may make someone choose to see the property or pass entirely. It's important that whatever is published to be of high quality. Not every listing may warrant a big production, but that's why my prices vary. A smaller house shouldn't cost the same as a larger house. By no means does this mean quality is less for a lesser value property. It's just that it takes a varying amount of work to do various properties. If you have a property you'd like to have shot, reach out to me and see if there is something I can do for you.


Senior Pictures


  • One 75-minute session
  • 30 edited photos with touch-up
  • No limit outfit changes or locations

Senior pics. Years ago, many could not afford them. I'm mostly talking days of film. Now, there are more photographers than probably law enforcement officers in your community, so you have options. Let price be a deciding point, but try to focus more on a look and feel. There is tremendous value in finding a photographer that makes you feel comfortable and captures the real you.

Additional Sessions


  • 60-minutes
  • 15 edited photos with touch-up

Additional sessions are basically a second first session, but a little quicker. Usually by then the model knows kind of what they do and don't like. It's often a more niche type of shoot like sports or at a location that is off the beaten path. It could also be a spring session to have a full year experience.

Additional Photos

$10 per photo

If you'd like a few more photos than your package includes, you can choose to buy a few extra. Due to time, limits on selected photos has to exist. Each photo is color corrected and touched up.

Have a senior who hates pics?

$15 per photo with a $50 minimum per location

Sometimes you just need a few to make mom and dad and grandparents happy. This is more like a mini session. If they/you end up loving them or picking more than 20, it'll just revert back to the standard pricing.


I don't charge for travel to places within 50 miles of Hutchinson. This includes all of Wichita, McPherson, Newton, Sterling, Lyons and others. I will gladly travel anywhere beyond if you cover the cost of that. I won't charge mileage, but I would charge cost of gas to get there. Same if you want some far away location. Just cover my travel and I'll be there. I'll pay for my own food because I'd eat regardless, so that shouldn't be on you. Please note that if we do travel to greater distances that require a hotel, you'll get far more than the standard timeframe to maximize the experience. You won't have to pay for those extra hours and all will still be in the package costs.



Package 1: $2500

8 hours coverage plus engagement session

Are you looking for someone to capture your big day? I try to set aside the whole day for you, but realistically still try to keep it within reason. Getting ready, ceremony, bridal party and group photos and the reception can spread the entire day, and I want to try to be there to capture it all. Included in this package is engagement photos.

Package 2: $2000

6 hours coverage

Some people simply want or need less. The important elements of a wedding are the same for most. Getting ready, ceremony, group photos and a reception. For this package, I set aside 6 hours to cover as much of that as possible within that timeframe. You'll still have literally hundreds of photos delivered to you. Engagement session is not included with this.

Regardless of package, hundreds of photos will be delivered in an online gallery that you can then download, print and share.

Additional Photographer


I pride myself in trying to cover as many angles as possible, but a second photographer can ensure even more coverage and help things run more smoothly. It's impossible to be in two places at once, but a second photographer can allow you to have the bridal parties to get ready at the same time rather than planning some stagger to cover both by one person. Feel free to reach out to discuss this and to see if you feel the need.

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When to Shoot

To help you plan when to shoot, the following table shows what time the sun will rise and set from week to week, plus it should have weather forecasts for Hutchinson, KS. If the date you're considering falls between two dates, you can easily determine the sunrise and sunset times. The famous golden hour that photographers often prefer for many outdoor shoots is typically within 30 minutes before sunset or 30 minutes after sunrise. If you see the date displayed in red with a bullet next to it, I for sure have something going on that day, so time may either be unavailable, or limited. So take a look and let me know which date(s) you're thinking.

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